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Meet Destin

Destin Hall stands as a steadfast conservative force in North Carolina's House District 87, representing the heart and values of Caldwell and Watauga counties. A dedicated public servant in his fourth term, Destin wields significant influence as the Chairman of the House Rules Committee, shaping the legislative landscape of the state.


Destin's legislative priorities are deeply rooted in conservative principles, emphasizing tax reduction, economic development, educational reform, and the staunch defense of religious freedom, Second Amendment rights, and pro-life issues.

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A proud product of Lenoir, Destin's commitment to his constituents is matched by his dedication to community service, as evidenced by his role with Union Grove Baptist Church and his professional work as a general practice attorney. Destin's  educational background from Appalachian State University and Wake Forest University's School of Law has equipped him with the knowledge and skills to serve his community effectively and with integrity. He currently resides in Granite Falls, with is wife Madison.

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